Message from the Principal

Nourishing individuals who can demonstrate their full potential in the globalizing community.

During the 1970s, Japan has entered a phase of rapid globalization. As the number of Japanese people working abroad grew, education for children after their return to Japan rose to a topic. Joseph Hardy Neesima, the founder of Doshisha, went to study abroad during the Edo era. Neesima was the very first Japanese person to graduate from an American university, thus made him the first ever returnee student after his return to Japan. Neesima himself being one, it was very natural for him to take action towards education for returnee students. With this back ground history, Doshisha International Junior and Senior High School was founded on the 100th anniversary of Doshisha’s establishment.

Doshisha International Senior High School was established in 1980 followed by the establishment of the junior high school in 1988. Through the 30 years’ history of the school, we have tried to convey the simple message that each individual is special and important regardless of the background of whether or not you are a returnee student. We have enhanced education according to each students’ needs and understandings because however challenging it is, it is our fundamental philosophy that every individual is special and important.

We provide a learning environment where the students with different back grounds can share their learning processes together. Through the natural interaction between the students, they learn about perseverance and diversity which are some of the vital aspects of being a part of a now globalizing society. Our curriculum is based on self-discipline, where the students set their own goals. Through challenging and rediscovering one’s potential, the students acclaim these elements:

  1. Knowledge
  2. High communication skills in various languages
  3. Mutual respect and negotiation

Many of the students who have graduated from our school take roles as leaders for research projects in further education and in the society. We hope to meet you here at the school and to travel through the journey together to become a truly liberal individual.

Principal of Doshisha International Junior and Senior High School
Kunitaka Kawai