Student Support

Enriching the students’ quality of life at school
While homeroom teachers take a role as a bridge between school and students/family, the various centers form a team to meet the students’ needs and to support their vigorous school life.

Religion Center

Supporting school activities related to Christianity.

The fundamental principles of our education is based on Christianity, especially Protestantism. The school’s morals are based on the principles of the Congregational Church that Neesima had been a part of.
The center applies these teachings to various activities related to Christianity.

Academic Affairs Center

Managing curriculum-related issues.

We organize the yearly curriculum and test dates. We also manage changes in student information when one is going to study abroad or having a temporary leave from the school, and other duties related to the curriculum.

International Affairs Center

Supporting various activities related to studying abroad and cultural exchange.

We support returnee students to adapt to a new environment. We also hold student counselling in order to meet the needs for students who are interested in short/long term studies abroad and cultural exchange programs. We also provide support for students applying to universities abroad.

Student Activities and Support Center

Supporting the students’ daily activities

We give support to the student council, which is formed and run voluntarily by the students, when in need of assistance.

Student Guidance and Dormitory Center

Advising students and offering support related to their school life, including the dormitory

We advise students and offer support to ensure a secure and productive school life. For high school students living in the dormitory, we cooperate with the dormitory staff to support their wellbeing.

Health Care Center

Taking care of students’ physical/mental wellbeing and also hygiene

We organize the annual health check, perform health counselling, and administer first aid for injuries. We also give consultation and advice on hygiene.

Entrance Examinations Center

We manage the school entrance examinations

Admissions Center

We manage all the public relations work for the school, including domestic and overseas informational sessions. We also organize school visits for prospective students returning to Japan.

Communication Center

The school’s core facility is named for its purpose: communication and interaction between individuals.

Other than library and network related affairs, we hold media orientation for newly arrived students, give guidance for the Communication Center Student Committee, and organize various events within the center. As the central department for media and technology, we engage in enabling students to make full use of the latest technology.