Destination for Returnee Students

School for “International” Students
As students study together, they inspire one another and develop a global perspective

The only school in Kyoto established to nurture returnee students as its main purpose

In 1980, with the approval from the Ministry of Education, Doshisha International Senior High School opened its doors as the school for returnee students, inheriting the Doshisha spirit and tradition. With the founding of Junior High School in 1988, an integrated educational system from junior high school to university was established.
Doshisha International Senior High school has more than 30 years of experience in education for returnee students. It is the only school in Kyoto which is certified by Japan Overseas Education Services as an A1 class school, whose main purpose is to accommodate and educate returnee students.
Japan Overseas Education Services
Currently, 2/3 of the students are returnee students who have experienced life abroad and 1/3 of the students are students who grew up in Japan. As they study together, they learn about each other's cultures. Not only do they understand each other's way of thinking, but they are inspired and accept different values, developing their potential to live in an international community.
We hold several entrance examinations for 7th grade to 11th grade students, in order to meet their various needs.