Mission and Values

“Travelling together from the starting point of differences.”
Each individual is naturally different. At Doshisha International those differences unite us.

Our mission is to nurture students to develop their full potential in an environment of freedom.

2/3 of the students are returnee students from countries all over the world, and 1/3 of the students have studied for most of their lives in Japan. We value the wide variety of experiences students bring with them since this is the foundation of our school’s unique and liberal atmosphere. This diversity is the basis for the realization of our school mission.

Traveling together from the starting point of differences.

We hope that by the time students graduate from our school, they will choose their own path in life, whether to become specialists who follow their interests, or those with a wide range of interests and strengths. We provide an environment where students can keep challenging themselves, gain an international perspective, and follow their ambitions.
While our students are all unique individuals, we hope that by the time students graduate, each and every one of them will take steps towards the future with a warm heart full of conscience, just as Joseph Neesima aspired.